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Ultra-fast Class-A Network


Burstable, 100Mbps Cisco switchport
Multiple OC-48 Fiber links
Multi-homed Tier 1 Network to AT&T and Internap
Aggregate Tier-2 peering to Sprint, UUNet, Global Crossing, Genuity, NTT/Verio

Cisco Powered

Every CarbonLogic server is connected to a 100% Cisco powered network. Using enterprise-class Cisco networking gear, all routers, layer-2 switches, and layer-3 switches are fully tested and secured before deployment.


99.97% Network uptime guarantee
CarbonLogic's datacenter usually has utilizies less than 10% to avoid any connectivity problems.

Network Switching and Routing

The CarbonLogic network is fully switched. Traffic destined for a website hosted on a CarbonLogic server is sent directly to that host to deliver the information to that server. This lowers the risk of unauthorized network sniffing. There are no more than two hops from your server to our Tier-1 backbone providers.

Routing Archictecture

CarbonLogic's datacenter runs the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP4) for maximum routing efficiency. The BGP4 protocol is a standard that allows for the routing of packets of information sent out from our network. Each packet of information is evaluated and sent over the best route possible.

Our datacenter uses Cisco 7206vxr border and internal access routers. Each CarbonLogic customer is in a highly secure Private VLAN network on the switch. All switches and firewalls have redundant router uplinks w/auto-failover.

Private LAN

All servers have a private LAN configured on a secondary network interface. This Gigabit connection is used for monitoring, nightly tape backups and allows you to transfer files between servers without affecting the public network.

Power & Data Center Infrastructure

Remote Console and Reboot

Instant server rebooting through our secure customer portal. Remote console allows you to watch the server boot up. All servers utilize Dell RAC/ERAO interfaces.

Server Hardware

CarbonLogic utilizes fully loaded Dell PowerEdge and HP ProLiant servers with RAID-5, Remote Access Cards and Redundant power supplies. AMD Opteron/Athlon64 servers are also available.

Backup Power

Power to CarbonLogic servers is managed through redundant central UPS systems to maximize uptime. Our datacenter has an on-site, auto-failover power generator, and centralized UPS systems provide power conditioning and ensure uninterrupted operation. The generator is tested frequently to ensure that it will continue to function in the event of an emergency. The Datacenter connected to Two Boulder City power grids and each server is plugged into two separate UPS systems.


CarbonLogic's datacenter HVAC (Heating/Ventilation Air Conditioning) systems are fully redundant. These Liebert chillers maintain humidity and keep the environment at a cool 67 degrees.
Fike Cheetah FM-200 gas fire suppression is used in the event of a fire.

All racks are on venitillated computer-grade raised flooring.


Our datacenters are housed in a secure, seismically reinforced buildings.


Boulder, Colorado, USA
Denver, Colorado, USA
Dallas, Texas, USA

Technical Support

24x7x365 Support

24x7x365 engineer access via Phone and Email

24x7x365 server monitoring and response

Service Level Agreements

SLA Guarantees available on Application Uptime, Hardware replacement and Emergency Tape restore processes.

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