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Fully Managed Hosting

Managed Hosting Defined

Fully Managed dedicated server hosting with CarbonLogic provides a customer with their own built-in IT staff with the expertise to take care of an web-based application. All of our expertise and infrastructure comes with every server we host. Unlike basic dedicated server providers, we take care of all the technical work for you.

Managed services typically include advanced monitoring, load balancing, elevated security, data storage, stress testing, industry-leading technical expertise and content delivery. The provider owns the network, the server and other devices, and is responsible for installing, maintaining and monitoring them. The customer retains full control of their operating systems and applications. This balance allows for high levels of security, scalability and uptime that exceed virtual or basic dedicated hosting.

While this may seem more expensive than standard Dedicated Server hosting, managed hosting is actually more cost-effective for those needing 100% network uptime, responsiveness, technical expertise and a secure, high-end infrastructure. The cost of building and maintaining these services in-house is generally too high for most IT department budgets.

CarbonLogic Managed Install

All managed server setups include the following services at time of installation:

  1. Next-Day Air Shipping for new server direct from Dell if not in-stock
  2. Server rack installation
  3. Patch BIOS if necessary
  4. RAID container configuration on PowerServers
  5. OS setup including the latest patches and security tools
  6. Backup software configuration
  7. Monitoring configuration
  8. Configure network switching and routing
  9. ACL changes for customer access
  10. Validate configurations and security
  11. Document network and system architecture
CarbonLogic Managed Security - Ongoing

All managed server setups include the following services on an ongoing basis, this is included in your base monthly cost:

  1. Proactive installation of security patches and operating system updates
  2. Server log (logwatch) reports checked each working day.
  3. Nightly running of "root kit" detection.
  4. Reports from the security applications installed under our Advanced Linux Security Package checked each working day (if that service has been taken).
  5. Filesystem check runs each night and compares important system files with a check taken earlier.
  6. Filesystem reports checked each working day and anomalies investigated.
  7. Firewall maintenance.
  8. Weekly system health check.
* Note this covers operating system only. CarbonLogic can customize a security plan for your applicatoion or 3rd party software.

PowerServers and ValueServers

We have two lines of dedicated servers available, the PowerServer and ValueServer. All packages include the services outlined above in Part I. There are 10 configurations to choose from, if one of these doesn't fit your needs we would be happy to help custom configure your new server.

The CarbonLogic PowerServer is our high-end server line, and is ideal for mission critical Internet applications requiring performance, scalability, and high-availability. It is a powerful SCSI server, with a RAID 0, 1, or 5 storage array featuring 2-5 hot-swappable 36-73 GB drives for fast, redundant storage. All PowerServer come with redundant power supplies for maximum uptime. Also included with every PowerServer is a Veritas Client Agent License to allow for a weekly backup of up to 5 GB per week for each server.

Our ValueServer packages are for more lightweight applications that don't require the same level of disk and power redundancy. Perfect for webservers or media servers. Disks are SCSI or SATA, sometimes larger total disk space than the PowerServer due to lower cost per GB. CPU cache/speed and RAM are slightly less than the PowerServers. Does not include remote reboot card or redundant power supply.

PowerServers require a 12 month contract. ValueServers may be leased month-to-month.

Dedicated Server Hardware

Dell PowerEdge Server CarbonLogic Powerserver
  • Dedicated network bandwidth and disk storage
  • Host multiple web sites
  • Shared or dedicated database server access
  • Advanced server monitoring services
  • Built-in technical support services
  • Pre-Packaged Managed Services

CarbonLogic will host your web site or web based application on a factory-new Dell PowerEdge server (owned and maintained by the CarbonLogic) which is completely dedicated to your site or application. The other components required to run the site or application, such as hardware, software, and network connectivity are also dedicated.

Dedicated servers are custom configured to meet your needs and utilize today's fastest Intel processors and lightning fast Ultra-320 SCSI storage devices. Redundant power supplies, network interface cards and SCSI adapters are standard on dedicated servers. Hard drive redundancy (RAID) with hot-swappable disks is standard on all CarbonLogic servers for an extra level of uptime and data reliablity.

You have the option of maintaining the applications on your dedicated server, or you may entrust the application management to one of CarbonLogic's experienced engineers. Either way, the dedicated server package comes with built-in support time to take care of your basic administration needs. Dedicated servers deliver a higher level of performance and provide you with more options to manage your web site content.

Operating System & Software Choices
Unix Operating Systems CentOS 6.x
RedHat Enterprise Linux 6.x
Suse Linux
Ubuntu Linux
Windows Operating Systems Windows Server 2008
Windows Server 2012

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